Robust Dynamic Radiance Fields

Meta, 🌴National Taiwan University, KAIST, 🐢University of Maryland, College Park

CVPR 2023

RoDynRF takes a casually captured video as input and reconstructs the camera trajectory and dynamic radiance fields. Conventional SfM system such as COLMAP fails to recover camera poses (even when using ground truth motion masks). As a result, existing dynamic radiance field methods that require accurate pose estimation are inapplicable to these challenging dynamic scenes. RoDynRF tackles this robustness problem and showcases high-fidelity dynamic view synthesis results on a wide variety of videos.


Dynamic radiance field reconstruction methods aim to model the time-varying structure and appearance of a dynamic scene. Existing methods, however, assume that accurate camera poses can be reliably estimated by Structure from Motion (SfM) algorithms. These methods, thus, are unreliable as SfM algorithms often fail or produce erroneous poses on challenging videos with highly dynamic objects, poorly textured surfaces, and rotating camera motion. We address this robustness issue by jointly estimating the static and dynamic radiance fields along with the camera parameters (poses and focal length). We demonstrate the robustness of our approach via extensive quantitative and qualitative experiments. Our results show favorable performance over the state-of-the-art dynamic view synthesis methods.



RoDynRF addresses the robustness issue of SfM algorithms by jointly estimating the static and dynamic radiance fields along with the camera parameters (poses and focal length).

Evaluation of camera poses estimation on the MPI Sintel dataset.

Our method performs significantly better than existing NeRF-based pose estimation methods. Note that our method also performs favorably against existing learning-based visual odometry methods.

Novel view synthesis results on the Nvidia Dynamic Scene dataset.

Our method performs favorably against state-of-the-art methods. Furthermore, even without COLMAP poses, our method can still achieve results comparable with the ones using COLMAP poses.

Consistent geometry.

Our method reconstructs consistent geometry.


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